First time cheating in the world of cricket | Bodyline Bowling

The name of the Australia cricket team has been seen to be engulfed in many controversies.

Since the ball-tampering incident, the name of the Australia cricket team has been seen to be engulfed in many controversies. At the same time, Australia's name comes first in the world of cheating and sledging in the cricket world. If we talk about the biggest cheating, then the name of England's team appears in it. The name of this cheating was Bodyline bowling.

This is an incident in 1932–33 when the England team was to go on a tour of Australia. England's team was on the back foot due to a consistent defeat in the Ashes. But there was a cricketer Esa who was sure he would silence Don Bradman's bat. What he worked for was cheating, which spoiled the Gentleman's name. 

The plan was devised by Captain Douglas Herbert Jardine of England. He asked his team's fast bowler Harald Larwood to make special preparations. Under this scheme, Jardine had asked his fast bowlers Larwood and Vosse to aim at the batsmen of Australia's batsmen to bowl short. 

The Jardine used to field seven fielders on the leg side under this scheme. Two leg slips, one leg alley, forward short leg, square leg, and long leg. When Larwood and Vosse bowled fast, it became difficult for batsmen to save their heads. 

Because of this, Australian batsmen used to give their catches or get injured. Under this strategy, Australian batsmen are constantly getting injured in the series. England won the first test and Australia won the second test because the pitch was very slow there. 

Bodyline bowling havoc reached its peak in the third test. Australia opposed this, terming such bowling as cheating. But then there was no rule in cricket that you cannot bowl like that and Jardine took advantage of it. 

In the third Test, the sensation spread when the Australian batsmen were injured off Larwood's ball and were taken to the stretcher. But there was no difference in Jardine. The audience had become uncontrollable due to which there was a need to call the police. 

The series had a profound impact on the relationship between the two countries. The Australian Cricket Board sent a telegram to the MCC saying that England was not playing in the right spirit. Australia was preparing to cancel the series. The Union Jack was formed several times to end this dispute. Viewers came to the ground again and again to attack the England team.

England won the fourth Test and ashes series, but the bodyline bowling made on their behalf was recorded as the biggest cheating in the cricket world. Later different rules were made for this type of bowling.

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